Working Fathers, Including CEOs, Want Work/Life Balance, Too

Having a healthy work/life balance means different things to different people....

Keeping Up With the Marketing Times

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist—or even a marketing professional—to tell you that consumer marketing has changed...

Do Unruly Kids Earn More as Adults?

If your childhood was anything like mine, you spent most of it enduring a variety of methods aimed at coaxing out the kinds...

BigLaw to $180K—Who? What? When? Where? Why?

On Monday BigLaw associates and hopeful law students got some welcome news: Cravath announced it was raising its associate...

6 Things Never to Put on a Resume

Some things are inappropriate for a resume, or simply better not to include....

The Right to Life, Liberty, and Disconnect from Work Email After 5 P.M.

Little known fact about the French: they're just as productive at work, on an hourly basis, as Americans....

Is the Class of 2016 Prepared for Reality?

For the past few years, the folks at Accenture have been conducting a survey that polls 2 groups of people: college seniors,...

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