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Your Money or Your Lifestyle: What Do Millennial Consultants Care About?

According to a recent survey by Fidelity Investments, almost 60% of millennials value work-life balance more highly than...

5 Steps for Becoming a Great Negotiator

Negotiating is a skill that often seems like it's innate: you're either the type of person who's good at it, or you're not....

8 Reasons Why the Job Search Is Like Dating

Wouldn’t it be pretty cool if a career fair was more like a singles bar; where you approach a prospective employer late at...

Working Fathers, Including CEOs, Want Work/Life Balance, Too

Having a healthy work/life balance means different things to different people....

Keeping Up With the Marketing Times

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist—or even a marketing professional—to tell you that consumer marketing has changed...

Do Unruly Kids Earn More as Adults?

If your childhood was anything like mine, you spent most of it enduring a variety of methods aimed at coaxing out the kinds...

BigLaw to $180K—Who? What? When? Where? Why?

On Monday BigLaw associates and hopeful law students got some welcome news: Cravath announced it was raising its associate...

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