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3 Rules of LinkedIn Recommendations

Opinions vary about the effectiveness of LinkedIn endorsements, which easliy allow LinkedIn contacts to "promote" one another...

5 Tips for Writing Networking Letters

Networking letters are powerful tools you can use to get the job you want....

Generation Gap - Work Advice from Boomers to Millennials: Henry M. Soto

- Editing and Photography by Kristina Rudic Millennials make up the largest fraction of the workforce, but are they fully...

Will Videos Interviews Replace On-Campus Recruiting?

No matter what you think of Goldman Sachs, there's no denying that the bank has become the main, if not sole innovator on...

Selling Yourself in Your Cover Letter

Your cover letter has two important roles: (1) it's a marketing document designed to sell a product (you), and (2): it's a...

6 Things Never to Put on a Resume

Some things are inappropriate for a resume, or simply better not to include....

A Guide to Changing Careers

What do you want to be when you grow up?  We change our answer as we get older....

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