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Dear Diary: Journal Your Way to a Job

If you've ever kept a food log, you were likely shocked by how much you actually eat all day. And how little of it was as healthy as you remembered it being. Our careers, like our diets, are susceptible to selective memory. We tell the story of who we are at work, usually in job titles and descriptions we've heard others use. But what if we told our own story to ourselves? What would we find? Read More >

Call Me, Maybe? 4 Rules for Effective Business Cards

Gawker picked up on a new trend: The "Call Me Maybe" business card. If you're not familiar with the song, consider yourself lucky, because it's definitely an ear worm. The lyrics: "Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but here's my number-call me, maybe?" Gawker already scooped three images of cheeky business cards including the lyrics. But, while definitely cute, is a gimmick like song lyrics appropriate for a business card? Read More >

Why You Shouldn't Lie on Your Resume (and what happens to those who do)

"I'll just put it down. Who's going to find out anyway, right?" If you ever needed a reminder that embellishing or fudging an item on your résumé is a bad idea, you might want to read up on the furor that has overtaken Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson. Hired as CEO in January this year, Thompson is at the center of a storm over a misstatement regarding his education: his résumé states that he has a degree in accounting and computer science from Stonehill College. Read More >

Genius vs. Jerky: Are Recruiters Getting Too Demanding?

Jim Hopkinson was looking for a marketing intern. Since he happens to work for the website of an intensely popular tech magazine, Wired, he decided to up the ante a little on his application requirements with a "bonus" question: what's his favorite baseball team? Read More >

Hiring Manager Explains Why Your Cover Letter Failed

It's really frustrating applying to jobs on the internet. You spend a lot of time poring over your cover letter, reworking your resume, Googling the right person to address your application to (and making sure you've got their name right), and then waiting days, weeks, and even months for a response that often never comes. That's why we have really mixed feelings about the 3,000-word "advice" email that one company sent its 900+ rejected job applicants. Read More >

10 Tips to Beat Job Search Burn Out

The weather's heating up, but are your job hunting efforts cooling off? Fight the urge to abandon your search-stay on track and refresh your motivation with these tips: 1. Do Something You're Awesome At One of the best ways to right burn out is to feel A. successful, and B. energized. This is most easily and effectively achieved by doing something you enjoy, and you kind of rule at. Be it table tennis, interpretive dance, or beating your niece at Crazy Eights, do it. Read More >

5 Steps to Spring Cleaning Your Job Search

Ah, Spring. A time of new beginnings and vigorous cleaning. We can smell the sunshine and Pinesol already! But as you flip your mattress and give your walls a sponge bath, don't forget a key area to re-evaluate: your job search. If reported job gains from the BLS can be believed, things are improving. It's been a hard winter, but the light is visible at the end of the tunnel, and it's all natural, Tulip-nurturing sunbeams. Read More >

Should You Take a Social Media Course?

An article in the New York Times today about jobseekers taking formal courses and workshops on social media raises an interesting question: just how valuable are social media skills? Is Facebook know-how worth investing a few credit hours at your local college and the cost of tuition? Do the benefits of a Twitter account outweigh the annoyance of begging your tech-savvy niece to set up one up for you? Of course, that depends. Read More >

Would You Put a Resume on Pinterest?

We've talked before about using social media tools to find a job. But usually, that means the Big Three: Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. Just kidding! Of course, the (arguably) best site for job search social media is LinkedIn. And it's undoubtedly the best place for explicating posting your resume and qualifications, since you're not likely to have any photos of you drinking nearby, and you have more than 180 characters to describe your job duties. Read More >

10 Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid

Dear Vault readers, You may have caught our post on Joe Maddalone and his ill-fated introduction email to Morgan Stanley's CEO. Well one person definitely missed it: the NYU undergrad who wrote this epic fail of a cover letter to JP Morgan. In a plea for a summer analyst position, the applicant mentioned his GPA as well as bench pressing abilities. Read More >


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