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Applying for Judicial Clerkships

This is the second in a series of posts for Vault by Steven Feldman on judicial clerkships. Check back later this week for his post on the clerkship interview. In my last post, I reviewed the ins and outs of a federal court clerkship. The decision to apply for a clerkship, however, is just the beginning of what can be a confusing process.  Timeline The timeline for the clerkship application process depends on whether you are a rising 3L or a graduate who is currently working. Read More >

Back to School—Tips for 1L Success

It's back to school season, and for some intrepid souls, that means the start of the infamous and much-feared 1L year. We'll assume you've already watched The Paper Chase while chewing your nails off, so here are some more practical tips for a successful first year of law school: Go to class. And while you're there, listen. While some of your professors won't require attendance, it's essential to not only show up to class, but also to actively listen and take notes. Read More >

Is a Federal Court Clerkship Right for You?

This is the first in a series of posts for Vault by Steven N. Feldman on judicial clerkships. Check back on Thursday, August 30th for Steven's post on applying and interviewing for clerkships. Clerkship season is here, and many students are wondering if a federal court clerkship is right for them. Yes, a clerkship can be a sterling credential to add to your resume, but before pursuing it, it's important to understand what the job entails. Read More >

The On-Campus Interview: Get In, Get Out, Get Called Back

For many law students across the country, 'tis the season-not of summer Fridays and beach trips, but of the on-campus interview program. OCI, as it is called at many schools, provides students the opportunity to interview for summer associate positions with multiple law firms over the course of a few days. While each law school runs its interview program a bit differently, there are a few things you can do to maximize your OCI success. Keep your eye on the prize. Read More >

Announcing Vault’s Best Law Firm Summer Associate Programs

The junior associates have spoken, and Williams & Connolly is where it's at for the best overall experience during a summer associate program. During its annual law firm associate survey, Vault asked first through third year associates who had worked as summer associates at their current firms to rate the program both in terms of how well it prepared them for full-time practice and how much fun they'd had. Read More >

A Day in the Life: Non-Profit Executive Director

Julia Wilson, Executive Director, One Justice and the Legal Aid Association of California Julia Wilson is the Executive Director of OneJustice and the Legal Aid Association of California (LAAC), where she is responsible for leading statewide advocacy efforts on behalf of the legal services delivery system, statewide strategic planning initiatives, and serving as a liaison for the legal services community. Read More >

Last Minute Bar Exam Dos and Don’ts

The bar exam (in many states) is next week, and if you're signed up, you're probably a bit stressed out by now. Here are some important Dos and Don'ts for the last few days leading up to the exam. Do: Spend this weekend reviewing your outlines.Don't: Overdo it at the last minute. As you've probably heard your test prep instructors say, bar study is a marathon, not a sprint. Do not try to tackle completely new subjects this weekend in an attempt to make up for missed study days. Read More >

Which Law Firm Is the Best to Work For?

Each year, in addition to its overall prestige, regional, practice area and diversity rankings, Vault also compiles "Quality of Life" rankings. Associates are asked to rate their own law firms on a 1 to 10 scale in several categories: satisfaction, culture, hours, compensation, associate/partner relations, transparency, formal training, informal training and mentoring, pro bono, business outlook, selectivity, green initiatives and office space. Read More >

A Day in the Life: Legal Aid

Jamie Rodriguez and Zachary TusingerEqual Justice Works/AmeriCorps Legal FellowsLegal Aid of Western Missouri Jamie Rodriguez and Zachary Tusinger, both originally from Joplin, Missouri, were recent graduates of Saint Louis University School of Law when, in May of 2011, one of the most destructive tornadoes in U.S. history hit their hometown. Shortly thereafter, both were awarded AmeriCorps Legal Fellowships to provide direct legal services to community members affected by the tornado. Read More >

Is Law School a Mistake?

Last week, The Wall Street Journal published some chilling statistics about how recent law grads are faring. According to the WSJ, only 55% of the class of 2011 had full-time, long-term jobs that required a law degree nine months after graduation. And only 8% of those graduates held full-time, long-term jobs at firms with more than 250 attorneys. In response to the WSJ article, J. Read More >


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