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A Day in the Life: Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid

Adriana Rodriguez's Equal Justice Works Fellowship brought her back to her hometown of Laredo, Texas, where she grew up. During her two years as a Teach for America Corps Member placed at Reagan High School in Houston to teach 9th grade English, she found that many of her students came from low-income families and had witnessed domestic violence in their households. Read More >

Is a Switch from Lawyer to Business Owner in Your Future?

Some of you may be considering starting your own business. Because the media repeatedly reports glowing stories about the latest 29-year-olds to sell their companies for $20,000,000, many people are now deciding to act on their dream of founding the next Google or Starbucks. Perhaps the motivation driving the rapid rise in self-employment is a desire for independence-"No one is going to fire, underpay, or under-appreciate me again! Read More >

It’s Law Firm Bonus Time!

The Thanksgiving leftovers are dwindling and law firm associates are back to work today-that is, if they weren't in the office all weekend. And on the exact same day as it did last year, top law firm Cravath, Swaine & Moore kicked off bonus season by announcing associate bonuses for 2012. If the last several years are any indication, it won't be long until most every other New York BigLaw firm follows suit and offers associates-surprise!-exactly the same amount of money. Read More >

The (Investment Banking) Associate

Money makes the world go 'round, so it is hardly a surprise that more and more law students are drawn to interviews with investment banks. The finance industry has always been a competitive field, due in large part to the glamour and prestige assigned to the working relationships with industry titans, but what does it really mean to be an associate at an investment bank? Read More >

An Open Letter to the Law Firm Class of 2012

Dearest Incoming Junior Associates, As thousands of you, newly-minted lawyers, step into your shiny offices for the first time this fall, the sighs of relief will echo through the book-lined halls of law firms all over the country. "I've made it! All those years of school, law review, moot court, clinics, and clerkships were all about getting here; and I have arrived. Whew! Read More >

The Two-Year JD?

As law students and alumni know, 3L year (the third and final year of law school) is considered by many to be useless-a waste of time and money. Because most law students complete their required coursework at some point during their second year, the third year is usually filled with electives or clinical work. And while these courses are no doubt intellectually stimulating, they are also expensive-in terms of both time and money. Read More >

How to Successfully Leave a Law Job

Hindi Greenberg, J.D., is the president of Lawyers in Transition. She consults with individual lawyers nationwide on career satisfaction and options in and out of law, and with law firms on outplacing their attorneys. How do you change your current legal employment for a new law job or one outside the practice of law, without burning bridges or committing ethical violations? Read More >

New York Bar Pro Bono Requirement: Details Revealed!

Back in May, New York Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman announced that New York would become the first state to require lawyers to perform 50 hours of pro bono work before being licensed to practice. The announcement set off a flurry of both praise and criticism. Read More >

Going Solo: Success as a Solo Practitioner

Hindi Greenberg, J.D., is the president of Lawyers in Transition. She consults with individual lawyers nationwide on career satisfaction and options in and out of law and with law firms on outplacing their attorneys. Going out on your own or starting a new firm with several other lawyers can seem like a formidable task, but for those individuals who desire self-sufficiency and want to choose their own cases, clients and lifestyle, it is a viable alternative. Read More >

Interviewing for Judicial Clerkships

This is the third in a series of posts for Vault by Steven Feldman on judicial clerkships. In my last post, I went through the nuts and bolts of applying for clerkships. Hopefully, your hard work will result in an interview. Here, I go through the most important tips for a successful clerkship interview. A clerkship interview with a judge is more intense than a typical large law firm interview. Read More >


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