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4 Tips for Corresponding with Recruiters

Today, many recruiters use LinkedIn to reach out to job candidates when trying to fill open positions....

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4 Questions to Ask When Interviewing with a Startup

A job at a startup can be exciting, scary, and fulfilling. Interviewing for one is a similar journey....

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The Best Questions to Ask at the End of Your Interview

You probably know that most interviews end with the question, "Is there anything you'd like to ask me now?...

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20 Interview Questions from Top-Ranked Summer Firms

Whether you are a 1L in the thick of your summer job search or a 2L starting to think about bidding on OCI interviews for the...


Big Changes in Legal Recruiting & What They Mean for You

Legal recruiting has gotten a surprise makeover. And it's a big one....

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Getting the Most Out of Campus Career Services

I’ve attended three colleges in my higher education career: in undergrad I transferred from one school to another, and I went...

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How to Talk About Desired Salary

I hate talking about money....

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