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Rajat Gupta: Why, and what's next?

Decades ago, when Rajat Gupta was but an Indian schoolboy, a business professor gave him some sage advice. "I told him once," says Bala Balachandran, "'If you are in a herd of pigs, you'll also smell like a pig.'" Unfortunately, Balachandran's professorial wisdom faded from the disgraced ex-McKinsey managing director's memory as early as 2007, when he left the venerated firm to pursue a second career in high-stakes deal-making. Read More >

Consultants: How to Recover From a Rookie Mistake

By Kristine Schoonmaker, recently returned from a pair of successful speaking engagements at Penn and Georgia Tech, where prospective consultants asked the former Accenture exec questions like "How do I rebound from a rookie mistake?".  She shares her thoughts on the subject here. Read More >

Mitt Romney: From Bain consultant to US president?

Earlier this week, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney quietly announced a second bid for the American presidency in an online video called "Believe in America". In that video, Romney reiterated a point that he's been making ever since he first emerged as a legitimate presidential candidate in 2008: of all the many labels bestowed upon him over the years-Mormon, Republican, Daddy's Boy-the one that Romney identifies with most is that of the shrewd businessman. Read More >

McKinsey's 'Global cities of the future' map

Among the highlights of this month's edition of McKinsey Quarterly is the firm's "Global cities of the future" map, an interactive web application that combines some urbane McKinsey gloss with good, old fashioned data to excellent effect.As ever, this McKinsey offering is all about growth. In this case, they're referring primarily to the growth of the human population between 2007 and 2025, and the impact that growth will have on urban centers and the economies they support. Read More >

Afghan president issues Deloitte, PwC threats

Afghan president Hamid Karzai today pointed the finger at several of the world's biggest consulting firms for failing to adequately fulfill their roles as auditors and advisers to the country's biggest bank. Karzai specifically implicated PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte and BearingPoint as partly responsible for Kabul Bank's corruption woes and promised that "whoever was involved in leading the bank into crisis, all of those people will be brought to justice. Read More >

PwC interns heading to Disney World

Late this summer, 2400 undergraduates will embark on a week-long journey to the most effective "living classroom" on Earth: Disney World. There, the students will encounter a host of cartoon animals in the flesh-a terrifying prospect indeed for any youthful babe. But fear not, for they will also be chaperoned by more than 80 partners from PricewaterhouseCoopers. What is this strange confluence of students, businessmen and hyperkinetic rodents, you ask? Read More >

ICF brings 'epic day', jobs to Virginia county

Virginia governor Bob McDonnell announced today that ICF International, the Beltway-based strategy and tech consultancy, will open a new Henry County-based BPM operations center that will bring hundreds of high-paying jobs to the state. The $15 million project will create 539 much-needed jobs in the small county in southern Virginia, which is struggling with double-digit unemployment. State development groups hailed the transformative potential of ICF's arrival in Martinsville, VA. Read More >

Kristen Bell's consulting pilot picked up by Showtime

Rejoice, ladies and gentlemen-the moment we've all been waiting for has finally arrived! In a stunning newsbreak, Showtime announced yesterday that House of Lies, the hottest management consulting television drama ever to grace the digital cable box, will air as a full series after the pilot was deemed a success.How hot, you say? Showtime bills the new blockbuster as "a scathing look at a self-loathing management consultant from a top-tier firm. Read More >

Environmental groups challenge McKinsey report

In a recent report on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD), McKinsey consultants recommend that government officials in Papua New Guinea take energy- and cost-saving measures that some groups think will threaten the survival of subsistence farmers living in rainforest environments. Read More >

Accenture opens center, seeks new hires in Barcelona

Accenture announced its plans this week to break ground on a new "analytics innovation center" in Barcelona, Spain that will bring at least 50 new jobs to the city. Called "a global showcase for Accenture's predictive analytics capabilities," the facility is the latest in a string of similar centers that create jobs locally and raise the firm's profile in strategic cities. Read More >


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