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Your Money or Your Lifestyle: What Do Millennial Consultants Care About?

According to a recent survey by Fidelity Investments, almost 60% of millennials value work-life balance more highly than...

Will Automation Kill Your Job, or Make You Better at It?

With so much news related to matters of genuine weight and import recently, you can be forgiven if you missed one of the...

5 Steps for Becoming a Great Negotiator

Negotiating is a skill that often seems like it's innate: you're either the type of person who's good at it, or you're not....

Consultants and Lawyers: Benefiting from Brexit?

Amid all the coverage of Brexit in the media of late, it's been somewhat difficult to find much in the way of definite...

How to Talk About Brexit in a Job Interview

As you're probably aware, the citizens of the United Kingdom voted last week to leave the European Union—a move known as...

'Fit' Interviews: What to Keep in Mind

At a barbecue this past weekend, I ran into an acquaintance who has been trying to make the transition from academia to the...

5 Apps to Improve Your Productivity

I wrote recently about spending time with productivity expert Graham Allcott, founder of Think Productive, and author of the...

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