Work Is for Lovers: Vault's 2017 Office Romance Survey Results

by Vault Careers | February 13, 2017

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Vault's 2017 Office Romance Survey Results

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Work Is for Lovers

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A majority (57%) of those surveyed have participated in some kind of office romance. 21% of these office romances were random hookups, 16% led to long-term relationships, and 14% led to ongoing but casual relationships.

Our respondents say: "I never really cared what anyone else thought, as long as my boss didn't have a problem with it. Why would I leave because of a few jealous people?"

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The results of Vault's 2017 Office Romance Survey are here! This year, with 57% of  respondents reporting that they’ve had some kind of personal relationship with a colleague—from a quick fling to an ongoing long-term relationship—we looked at how those relationships get started, and whether technology has blurred the lines between the personal and the professional.

For example, according to this year’s data, 34% of business professionals believe that social media platforms and productivity tools such as Facebook and Slack have made it easier for colleagues to pursue romantic interest in one another. And 46% believe that those same tools have made it easier to hide such relationships.

However, just 22% percent of survey respondents confess to having used those same tools to send romantic or flirtatious messages to colleagues, suggesting that there is a degree of caution about leaving a digital trail for employers to find.

For more results from the survey, be sure to check out the slides above.


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