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by Nicole Weber | January 24, 2014

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As Valentine's Day approaches, are longer hours turning into late night trysts? Have you ever had an office fling? Or a crush on a co-worker? Did you meet your significant other at work? Should office romances be prohibited, or encouraged? Take five minutes to tell us your thoughts!

Vault’s Office Romance Survey is our most popular study, and previous installments have been featured in prominent outlets including Forbes, the Daily News, The Takeaway, Newsweek and NBC. The results of this year's study will be released, appropriately, on February 14th.

Our brief questionnaire should take only five to ten minutes to complete. Your answers will be kept completely anonymous, so we encourage you to be candid.

Don't wait—submit your responses today! The survey will close on Friday, January 31st. 

We realize that your time is valuable, and we appreciate your participation. Follow the links above or click here to share your stories and opinions about the potential risks and rewards of canoodling with colleagues.

Thanks for participating in Vault’s Office Romance Survey!

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