What One Firm Looks For in Summer Associates

by Vault Law Editors | June 11, 2010

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Porzio Bromberg partner William A. Krais offers up a handy primer for rising 2Ls priming for OCI: Behind Closed Doors: What One Firm Looks For in Summer Associates.  Some takeaways:

•     All grades are not created equal. A “B” from a top-tiered law school carries more weight than a “B” from a lower-tiered law school.

•     Occasionally we receive resumes that fail to list or even reference a student's grades. We generally dismiss those resumes without a second look.”

•     In the interview, follow the “80/20 Rule”: the candidate should do 80 percent of the talking while the interviewer should do 20 percent.

•     Be prepared: “While fledgling second-year law students may not know exactly what they would like to do, if a candidate comments that he wants to be a criminal defense lawyer, or she wants to be a family lawyer, but our firm has neither of those practice areas, then the candidate has not done his or her homework and does not have a particular interest in our firm.”

•     Candidates should distinguish themselves by telling interviewers something interesting about themselves that may not be referenced on their resumes.

•     Bring a writing sample and be prepared to discuss it. “Our experience students give perhaps the least consideration to their writing samples. They spend hours formatting their resumes and engaging in mock interviews, but then throw together, almost as an afterthought, the writing sample. That is a big mistake.”

•     Be courteous and respectful to everyone you meet. “Recognize that the administrative person who gives you an office tour may be asked to share her perspective concerning your candidacy with the recruitment committee.”

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