Wednesday morning round-up

by Vault Law Editors | November 04, 2009

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•   While some grumble about Cravath setting the stage for a ‘quarter Skadden’ bonus season, The New York Law Journal quotes one BigLaw leader as he saying he was "quite honestly surprised that a major New York firm was paying bonuses this year."

•   Madoff’s accountant: “I’m a victim.”

•   Toronto Raptors forward Chris Bosh has won custody of nearly 800 domain names wrongfully appropriated from professional athletes and celebrities. Through his social media firm, Max Deal, Bosh is offering to return the domain names free to their rightful owners.

•   The open thread at the WSJ Law Blog on the amazing D. Marvin (“I got cut off and missed an exit”) Jones lawsuit against Minkin et al. has only generated 17 comments. Hilariously, ATL closed comments on the topic “out of respect for the judicial process.” The complaint itself begs the question, “Law professor or pro se prisoner litigant?”

•   Blatant copyright infringement no barrier in gubernatorial race.

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