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by Vault Law Editors | April 01, 2010

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Job seeking lawyers and law students can leverage the low-stress “informational interview” in a number of ways: as a source of firsthand information, as a chance to ask questions inappropriate (e.g., $$) in “real” interviews, and as a way to build self-confidence in the interview setting. The Lawyerist offers handy set of pointers for the informational interviewee (or is should it be “interviewer”? The infoview features a sort of role reversal, where the job seeker can drive the discussion.)

A point/counterpoint in the Lawyerist comments:

1.    “Great post, except one thing: please don’t send me anything written. From  thank you notes to cards, I rarely even open them—they go straight to the trash can.”


2.    “[That view is] in the extreme minority, here. The number of lawyers who actually ignore (or actively despise) paper is extremely small. For the vast majority of us—including in my paperless office—a handwritten thank-you note will always be appreciated more than an e-mail.”

It’s safe to say that #2 is still the prevailing view, although the anti-paper position is probably growing steadily.

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