Thursday Buzz: Numbers 11-15

by Vault Law Editors | April 01, 2010

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As part of our ongoing Law Firm Associate Survey, we ask associates to share their opinions and observations (a/k/a “Buzz”) about firms other than their own. 

It’s obviously much more fun to trash a competitor than to praise one. So when it comes to the Buzz quotes we publish as part of a firm’s profile, we are careful to select quotes which are “fair” in the sense of being representative of a major current of respondent opinion.  And “balanced” in that we typically publish four Buzz comments for each firm—two positive and two negative (or, at least, not positive).  Below, in no particular order, is a sampling* of the current Buzz on Vault’s Nos. 11-15 firms for prestige (at least as the voting now stands):

“Litigation Dep’t of the year, but to the right of Attila the Hun.”

“The epitome of a Boom & Bust firm. Wonderful in good times, mass layoffs in a recession.”

“Takes logically indefensible, extreme litigation positions.”

“Passive-Aggressive LLP.”

Horrible work hours; lots of mean screamers.”

-posted by brian

*Presented for amusement purposes only and without regard for either fairness or balance

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