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by Vault Law Editors | July 29, 2009

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From The Chronicle of Higher Education

When [University of Iowa law professor Lea VanderVelde] was preparing to teach a class on employment law last semester, she was trying to think of a new way to teach the complex differences among states’ laws. She decided to divide the states up and give a few to each student to research extensively, and to post their work on a wiki site, using Wikipedia software.

From AmLawDaily’s “Welcome to the Future” column:

[O]n Legal OnRamp, Dave Bohrer, a former Morgan Lewis partner who now has his own boutique IP firm, is coordinating ten lawyers from different firms collaborating to create an amicus brief for the Supreme Court in the Bilskicase. This "wiki-brief" will argue against business method patents, but based on a different rationale than the Federal Circuit's opinion.

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