by Vault Law Editors | October 27, 2009

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From the NALP Roundtable on the Future of Lawyer Hiring, Development, and Advancement held on September 28 at San Francisco offices of Kirkland & Ellis: 

“I think there is a place for firms, and for even within firms, groups of individualswho are willing to make less for a more reasonable life-style.”

- Pamela Gates, Partner, Bryan Cave, Phoenix

Firms don't distinguish themselves. It's because they can't. The one thing that you could actually distinguish yourself on, which is compensation and lifestyle and how they intersect with each other, no one is willing to do it because they are worried about the impact of being the one firm on campus to say I'll pay less and be the 'lifestyle' firm.”

-David Breach, Chairman, San Francisco Recruiting Committee, Kirkland & Ellis, LLP

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