How to Spend Your Law School Winter Break

by Kaitlin Edleman | December 03, 2014

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How to Spend Your Law School Winter Break

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When the first round of law school exams is mercifully over, stop thinking about them. They’re in the past. There’s nothing you can do. Revel in the bliss that you don’t know what your grades are yet and you don’t have to start reading those case books for another three weeks. Please, for your own sanity, resist the impulse to start compulsively checking your grades.

1L winter break is a great time to relax and clear your head. It’s important to spend time with family and friends without complaining about law school. Read some books for fun and try to decompress.

Unfortunately, 1L winter break shouldn’t be completely law school free. Now that you have some free time, you should start thinking about your future career. Think about where, geographically, you want to practice and which areas of the law would you like to explore. Once you have a rough idea of what you might like to do post-graduation, start working on a plan to get there.

In fact, winter break is the ideal time to start applying to summer jobs. 1Ls and employers aren’t permitted to communicate with each other until after December 1, and I highly doubt you were applying to jobs while studying for finals, so it’s time to start making some moves. Although you may want to just completely zone out and enjoy your break, you’re only going to get busier once the semester starts, and deadlines come faster than you think. Start job hunting now!

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Although law students are likely deep in the throes of exam prep, the glorious reprieve of winter break is coming. 

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