Goofy & Spidey, together at last

by Vault Law Editors | September 01, 2009

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Yesterday, in a deal that ‘redraws the architecture of Hollywood,’ Walt Disney announced it was buying Marvel Entertainment (Spider Man, The Incredible Hulk, etc.) in a $4 billion cash and stock deal.   Dewey & LeBoeuf served as chief M&A counsel for Disney, while Paul Hastings took a lead role for Marvel . According to The American Lawyer, “Paul Hastings partner Carl Sanchez says he and a team of 20 firm lawyers have been working on the deal nonstop for two weeks. Disney and Marvel started discussing a possible merger in late June […] Sanchez especially credited a Paul Hastings IP team ... for going through the IP documents for every one of the 5,000 Marvel characters to determine the transferability of rights to Disney.”

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