Good luck on the bar exam!

by Vault Law Editors | February 23, 2010

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Day One of the February bar exam kicks off in about 3 minutes...

This is the probably the first iteration of the exam to take place in a fully-Twitterized world. Of course it's tough to say whether Twitter serves to heighten anxiety or reassure test takers that they're not alone in the grueling ordeal. Business Insider brings us a roundup of tweets from freaked-out aspiring lawyers.  Example: "I would much rather apologize for being a sex addict than to study for—and have to take—the New York state bar exam." (That thought from none other than ex-Boies Schiller associate and controversey magnet Elizabeth Wurtzel, who is probably as qualified as anyone to compare the experiences.)

The flood of bar exam-themed tweets is a mixture of curses, cries for help, gallows humor, but, most of all, wishes of "Good Luck Everybody!"

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