Five Tips for Surviving Post-Bar-Exam Stress

by Vault Law Editors | February 25, 2011

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The February Bar Exam is done, and now the real anxiety begins. The test is torture, but the mountain of information that you must retain is an excellent distraction from the final result of the test: the passing or failing. Once you complete the final exam question, it hits you—this two-day monster will decide whether or not you’ll be an Esquire. Don’t panic. Follow these tips for surviving the gap between the test and the results.

1.Stop Clicking. Resist the urge to refresh the BOLE website every hour just in case they post results early. You’ll only stress your poor pointer finger. When the results are in, you’ll get an email.

2.It’s Over. Don’t repeatedly analyze your answers. The test is done. You can’t change anything now.

3.Don’t Blubber or Attack Anyone. Know that every time you say “I think I failed,” or “I hope I passed” or “I’m nervous,” the automatic reaction will be, “Of course you passed.” You will want to scream, throw a tantrum and whine that some people fail, and it could be you. Resist and think of the Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff—non-Bar-takers “just don’t understand.”

4.Start Working on Your State Bar Application. Don’t wait until you receive your score to start working on your state Bar application. It’ll take time to gather the information requested, like references, employment history and past-residential data. Start early so you can submit the application as soon as the results roll in.

5.Don’t Throw Out Your Prep Materials. You worked really hard outlining, flow-charting and note-card-writing your way through the Bar Exam study period. Now that it’s over, I’m sure you want nothing more than to do some cathartic trashing of these materials. Don’t. I’m not just saying this to be a downer. Yes, you may have to retake the test, in which case you'll want those materials. But you also may pass and then decide to take the Bar in another state. Or you may have friends who could use your study aids. So wait a while before you toss everything.

Good luck everyone!

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