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by Vault Law Editors | February 24, 2010

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Justin Bieber—whoever he is—has remained firmly entrenched all day long on the short list of Twitter “trending topics.” Absent from that list: the bar exam. Nevertheless, watching yesterday’s bar exam-themed tweets trickle out, some basic types emerged:

Ignorance is not bliss

omg bar exam there were 2 essay that i had no idea what was going on.

What were the first three?

“I’ve been to hell & back”

one *small* conference room, 200 stressed out people taking a bar exam. Maybe at least 10% of them wore deodorant this morning.

lunch break, sitting in car studyingparking garage built apparently of rubber, shakes constantly, exacerbating urge to puke

is a violation of the 8th amendment & Im glad I dont hve 2 do it ever, ever again


There’s nothing worse/sadder/uglier/yes still amusing than a room full of want to be lawyers

Did you seriously just tweet on bar exam day?

Miscellaneous dysfunction

I have only vomited once today thinking about it. I consider this a great personal success.

I thought that the celebratory beer truck had come a day early. Turns out, I forgot it was Jimmy Buffett day.[expletive deleted] you, bar exam!

did you like the bar exam? i loved the meth lab, thought you would too! (@lizzywurtzel)

Not digging the green bracelet the bar examiners are making me wear overnight. It says “do not remove.” I feel like a mattress.


To my new friends, fellow bar exam commiserates, may your octogenarians be fertile, your hearsay never doubled, and remember to BARRK.

OMG bar exam takers!! awesome job today. now either cram, carbo-load or sleep. get off the internet.

Bonus: Bar Exam Version of the Serenity Prayer

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