7 reasons to be thankful: plenty of alternative careers for

by Vault Law Editors | November 22, 2010

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While there may be fewer attorney jobs available in this post-recessionary year, there are plenty of alternative careers for unemployed law school grads to explore:

cleaning the queen's throne
1. Housecleaner
(AP Photo/Stephen Lock)
lil wayne
2. Rap star
(AP Photo/Jim Cooper)
once-famous editor relegated to obscurity
3. Editor
(Smithsonian Inst. Flickr stream)
4. Cupcake baker
outsourcing center in india
5. Document reviewer for Indian LPO
(AP Photo/Aijaz Rahi)
6. Government prosecutor (unpaid)
(AP Photo/Debbie Hodgson)
the boomerang generation
7. Move back in with your parents
(AP Photo/Greg M. Cooper)

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