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by SixFigureStart | September 04, 2009

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Ever wondered where you can dig up the dirt on which of the many, many federal government agencies is hiring? Or what the 1.9 million people who work at them think of it? Or even the trends that are likely to govern the hiring patterns for the foreseeable future? Well, wonder no longer, because the Partnership for Public Service has all the answers at Where the Jobs Are.

Projecting that some "273,000 mission-critical employment opportunities…will be available in the federal government from October 1, 2009 through September 30, 2012," the site is dedicated to letting people know where and when the opportunities are likely to arise, and projects the number of jobs in each category on the site. And, according to the site, "each agency is profiled with information on its mission, employee demographics, hiring priorities and recruitment programs, employment and retention incentives. The 'For Job Seekers' section also provides general information and resources to help potential candidates search for federal careers."

Clear enough? If you're looking for information on a position you've seen advertized, or are keen to know more about life on the federal payroll, Where the Jobs Are may well be a good place to start gathering the information you need to take your next career step.

For an example of the kind of helpful information you'll find there, here are some stats from the site on upcoming hiring trends:

  • • More than 54,000 of the projected hires are in medical and public health positions

  • • Jobs in security and protection (including everything from park rangers to intelligence analysis) are expected to grow by over 52,000 positions

  • • More than 31,000 jobs will be created in compliance and enforcement

  • • The site estimates that 23,596 of the new hires will be in legal fields—from attorneys to passport/visa examiners

  • • Some 17, 287 hires are projected in administration/program management

--Posted by Phil Stott, Vault Staff Writer

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