Unsung Heroes – Recession Moms

by SixFigureStart | May 06, 2009

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Today we’d like to offer a big thank you to our moms, without whom we would not running a website, or even tying our shoes, frankly. We know how hard you work, how deeply you care, and how much the future depends on you.

In his new book Elsewhere, U.S.A., social scientist Dalton Conley explains the challenges of today’s multitasking moms, who play an increasingly important role in the economic life of families: “Blending work and home responsibilities is no easy feat, especially in a 24/7 service economy that allows many of us to work from home at all hours.”

Moms we talked to made it clear that times are tough: “Right now, I’m scared to spend,” says Julie Joyce of Durham, North Carolina, a paralegal and mother of two. “I just feel like I should keep my head down and work.” New mother Jill Dewey, a New York banker, is worried about holding on to her job while taking care of an infant. “I feel nervous about taking maternity leave,” says Dewey. “Will the job really still be there for me?” [more]

--Posted by Lynn Parramore, RecessionWire.com

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