Tweet Gigs: Job Postings from Twitter -- 3/30/10

by SixFigureStart | March 30, 2010

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Some people lose their jobs because of Twitter—but now you can find a job because of Twitter. Every day Vault brings you five openings recently announced via tweet. And not only do we blog them, we retweet too! Follow Pink Slipped for the latest jobs and updates @VaultPinkSlip.

From @DodgeNatureCtr:
Job opening - Development Director

From @yejkchny:
Job Opening: Government, Regulatory and Code: Quality Assurance ...

From @tcabeen:
New job opening: Product Marketing Manager in the Denver area. Contact me for further details, or email me at work if you know the address.

From @jessstewart:
Another cool job opening @charitywater: Are you a software developer for web? We're hiring -

From @EdCabellon:
Job Opening at the University of New England (ME): Director of Campus Life

-- Posted by Alex Tuttle,

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