Tips For Holiday Tipping

by SixFigureStart | December 14, 2009

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Recession is a great excuse for cutting back on your spending—be it the amount you pay for a pair of shoes or the number of nights you’ll go out to expensive dinners each week. But try blaming the recession for your slimmer-than-usual tips. People are generally okay when others spend less on themselves, but they’re less forgiving when it comes to penny-pinching on gratuities—especially during the holiday season.

Not that they’re not cutting back on tipping themselves. A recent report released by PayScale found that hourly gratuities dropped an average of 5 percent in 2009 from the year before. Meanwhile, other surveys have shown that up to 26 percent of Americans plan on spending less on holiday tips this year. Only 6 percent plan on spending more. [Read the full Holiday Tipping article]

--Posted by Stephanie Miles,

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