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by SixFigureStart | October 02, 2009

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Through Monday, you win as Starbucks launches a new product with its now-de rigueur PR splash. The company wants you to come in and taste test its new instant coffee VIA against its normally-brewed coffee. It's no charge for the java, plus, for your troubles, Starbucks will give you a coupon for a free tall -- gotta hate those pretentious size names! -- at some later date, plus a coupon worth $1 off VIA products. Which you'll totally use, even if you think the VIA tastes like hot, watered-down sediment -- a dollar's a dollar, right?

Afterwards, you'll want to take advantage of all that caffeine. Exercise? You can get a lead on some free activities -- including the Central Park moonlight ride, aikido, yoga (regular and laughter versions!) -- in Time Out New York's fitness issue online(here); for zero-cost (and discounted) gym trials, you'll have to buy the magazine (see pages 10, 13 and 17). If you're out of the city or just too chill for exercise, take in a flick (in-house). Sign up on the Blockbuster Express site for free movie rentals, discounts and other goodies in the future. For now, advise a BE cashier to enter code GW99A5 (expires 10/05) or GE99A (expires 10/23), and you're all set. (Popcorn not included.)

--Posted by Todd Obolsky, Vault Staff Writer

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