The Tough Questions I Get On The Value of Social Networking.

by SixFigureStart | November 04, 2009

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I’m in a stare down with an executive of one of Canada’s largest recruitment and placement firms.

“Why would I be on Linkedin?”

I know what he is really saying. He has an army of staff using all the social networks, doing all the modern recruitment so he doesn’t need to. He is retiring probably in 2 – 4 years. He is at the top of his game. So why would he? Fortunately – I had an answer for him.

“So.. you strike me as someone who would probably leave a legacy after retirement.. so when you move on and head up some kind of non-profit, worthy cause – wouldn’t it be nice to be able to connect with all your contacts? I guess more importantly, social networking is changing the entire business model, the industry, potentially profit margins for your business. Can you really understand what is happening until you have some kind of involvement in social media?”. [Read More]

--Posted by Laurie Dillon-Schalk The 405 Club

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