The Recovery is Here… Because Online Ad Revenue is Improving

by SixFigureStart | December 01, 2009

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Says who: David Silverman, PricewaterhouseCoopers

“While all segments of the media industry have experienced declines, online advertising remains resilient and is once again showing signs of growth.” [via Internet Advertising Bureau report]

Why it might be a false sign: Internet advertising, grew 1.7 percent from Q2 to Q3, but it’s still a really small piece of the overall advertising pie, less than 10 percent. What’s more, year-to-year figures actually dropped 5.4%, and while that’s not entirely surprising, it’s hard to increase budgets after you get used to subsisting on less. And ultimately, that could trickle down, to more and new types of media that could continue to fold. We’ve seen lots of major media hit by a readership and advertising pullback, but if online advertising doesn’t fully turn around, and websites aren’t diversified in their revenue, then we’re going to see more crashing. [Read more]

--Posted by Laura Rich,

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