The Great Recession? That’s Entertainment

by SixFigureStart | November 30, 2009

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FAre we all taking this recession just a little too seriously? In a series of short plays debuting at the Flea Theater in New York as “The Great Recession,” times are so tough that one may contemplate killing babies for money; you may end up living in squalor with others who’ve had their Tribeca lofts foreclosed on (subsisting on nothing but “tofu pops” and no cell phone or Internet); or, egads, have to come up with a Plan B when your dad is no longer able to fund your six-month vacation to wherever. Wow—get me off this train.

To hit their point home, one play features characters who’d probably be broke and a mess anyway blaming the recession. The fetish is understood. [Read more]

--Posted by Laura Rich,

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