Stop the presses!

by SixFigureStart | May 18, 2009

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Yes, some newspaper presses have already stopped, and everywhere else the rest are squeaky and slow. But hey, you thousands of out-of-work ex-news journalists -- PepsiCo wants you! For a week! (Sorry, not all of you; they're only looking for nine warm bodies.)

The company is searching for a small team of former newspaper workers, journalism school students, bloggers, etc. to help keep the Pepsi name relevant in social media circles. Its so-called "open newsroom" temporary staffers will file video, live blog, tweet, etc., all from New York City's Internet Week festivities, June 1 through 8. Find full details in postings on craigslist or Mediabistro (here); the application requires one 'why me?' paragraph, a tweet, and a sample of previous work or postings, and you must have an online "presence" in at least three digital spaces (i.e. MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, blog).

But hurry -- you only have until midnight on May 22 (Friday) to convince the powers at Pepsi that you're the best candidate for the job. Winners will be notified on May 28. Good luck!

--Posted by Todd Obolsky, Vault Staff Writer

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