Stocking Up on Recession Collectibles

by SixFigureStart | October 22, 2009

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Is the recession really over? Most days it doesn’t feel like it. But someday, it really will be over and done, and you’ll regret not having stocked up on recession memorabilia, for which there is no better time than the present. Whether you’re looking for recession collectibles—like, say, an authentic Bear Stearns trader’s vest—or just some funny tchotchkes, downturn memorabilia is plentiful right now.Peter Siegel, the CEO of Gotta Have It Collectibles on East 57th Street in New York doesn’t anticipate much of this recession memorabilia holding up in value, since it is “basically of the moment, as time goes on it will solely wane.” He said Enron memorabilia used to be big, but the value fell as people lost interest, and the same thing happened with Bernie Madoff items after his arrest. But can you put a price on nostalgia? Or gag gifts? Here are 10 of our favorite pieces of recession memorabilia currently for sale. Get it while it’s hot, or at least before the downturn turns up. [Read more]

--Posted by Stephanie Miles,

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