Simon’s Five Tips For The Unemployed In NYC.

by SixFigureStart | December 14, 2009

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I live in New York City and I am currently unemployed. In the last couple weeks since my arrival in the city, I have organized a small advisory board consisting of close friends and their contacts, recruiters, temp agencies, my wide array of stations on Pandora to keep me sane and oh so kind strangers I have met along the way. While I am able to sustain myself for the time being, mission #1 is to get ANY job so I do not fall victim to severe malnourishment and/or acute spaghetti poisoning. While on the hunt for temporary part-time employment as well as enjoying my daily people and squirrel watching, I incredibly had just enough time to come up with My Five Job Search Commandments During a Time of Perceived Armageddon (said with booming voice)

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