Salute to Veterans for God, Country... and a Job!

by SixFigureStart | November 11, 2009

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Our country honors veterans like you today and what perfect time to let you know that there is free educational training and job search assistance available from your One Stop Career Centers (Go to and tap in your zip code for one near you)—and a complimentary meal awaiting you today, November 11th, at Applebee’s Restaurant nationwide (see information at the end of this article). You’ve retired from the military having participated in active duty with an honorable discharge or disability discharge and are now seeking employment and/or new formal skills training for employment like everyone else.

Your years of military service and sacrifice away from family—often having placed yourself in harm’s way—is noted and respected. Now it is YOUR turn to be served for assistance with obtaining civilian employment. Career counselors and veteran’s representatives wait to serve you at the One Stop. [Read More]

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Nightmare: Part 1.

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