Recession Finally Hits Animal Kingdom

by SixFigureStart | April 29, 2009

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And it was only a matter of time, wasn't it? Hundreds of animals are being evicted by the venerable Bronx Zoo, as the largest metropolitan wildlife preserve in the nation attempts to stave off a $15 million budget shortfall. The worst part? Zoo officials decided which critters would get the old heave-ho based (partially) on how popular they are among the zoo's 2.1 million annual visitors. That's right, no more free passes for the ugly ones!

Poor, nocturnal residents of the 'World of Darkness' exhibit. They never stood a chance. The lesson to be learned here, I suppose, is that even if you're putting in the bulk of your work late at night after hours, you're only valuable enough to be kept around if you're also pretty.

(PETA Backlash Disclaimer: Stop worrying--the newly homeless animals will be relocated to other zoos around the country)

--Posted by Steven Schiff, Vault News & Commentary

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