Job Search Resource of the Week (8/4/09): A Day in the Life!

by SixFigureStart | August 04, 2009

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The media has cited "energy" more than a few times lately as one of the areas where employment is relatively healthy and prospects for the future rather rosy. If you're contemplating an industry relocation, you probably have no idea what energy employees do all day.

You're in luck: Someone has done the investigative work for you. Delve into Vault's 'Day in the Life' series for eight-to-twelve-hour snapshots of a policy analyst at a non-profit advocacy firm, an assistant wind developer(!), a corporate finance associate at a company specializing in pipelines, an energy analyst, and an energy consulting associate.

If your 'Day in the Life' is particularly compelling or informative (or if you work in an unusual or closed industry), send it along to

--Posted by Todd Obolsky, Vault Staff Writer

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