Job Search Resource of the Week (7/7/09): mediabistro On Dem

by SixFigureStart | July 07, 2009

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Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends to Pink Slipped's weekly-on-Tuesdays tips for job hunters. Today we're addressing media heads, so the topic is No, it's not exactly new or some under-the-radar property, but it does have generally decent content. Browsing through the job postings and some of the content is free, while admittance to other areas requires a $55 "AvantGuild" membership or payment of higher fees for classes and the like. However, mediabistro's On Demand video clips only call for a commitment of $19 for a month's worth of viewing -- don't forget to cancel, otherwise it will automatically renew -- which gives one admission to so-called crash courses, panel discussions, "pitch slams," and conference videos. Representative titles include "When Life Throws You a Curve: Responding to Industry Changes" and "Monetization with Mobile Social Media." And the pitch slams -- in which the editors of various publications tell which of several story pitches appeal to them and why -- are biting and instructive (despite the inclusion of one or two print titles that have since passed away).

For another potential career boost, review yesterday's Pink Slipped shout-out about Six Figure Start's free coaching "teleclass" this Friday. That should give you more than enough to think about for the week -- go for it!

--Posted by Todd Obolsky, Vault Staff Writer

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