I Want A Job That Won't Lay Me Off Again!

by SixFigureStart | November 30, 2009

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Weary clients, numbed and dizzy from a walloping layoff that has now resulted in too many futile months of searching and no interviews or callbacks, come to me, asking for advice as to what fields of work they should choose that will be layoff-proof. I tell them there are no answers in times of economic downturns becauseevery field of work has fallen victim to the axe in these bad times. There are no easy answers for which fields of work and careers they should aim and what training will guarantee full time steady, permanent work and benefits, even in the best of times.

Unless you’re going to be a tax collector or funeral director, few job titles can guarantee anything today that remotely resembles the old days of 9-to-5-of-40-years formula.

For those considering a career change, I ask my clients, what tugs at your heart? What do you like? Go after it and do your best to try to get some modicum or version of your dream, some alternative or parallel pursuit, if not the full Monty. [Read More]

--By The Job Goddess Who Won’t Rest Till Everyone Is Put To Work!The 405 Club

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