Hey, Hollywood, show us some love!

by SixFigureStart | January 06, 2010

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It’s bitter cold outside, daylight hours are at a minimum, and the workplace is operating at mode= “sluggish.” Why not go to the movies? You can find all manner of experiences in which to immerse yourself. Fame and good fortune (or ill fortune)? Step right this way. Car crashes, explosions, special effects so intense your brain can’t process what you’re seeing? Don’t even have to seek them out. War stories and family dramas? Alcoholism and drug addiction? Check and check. Only one thing’s missing from this tableau: tales of the unemployed trying to find work, or struggling with their newfound sense of insignificance. Read more on Hollywood's lack of good unemployment movies.

-By Todd Obolsky The 405 Club

3 Wishes for 2010. Government, I Hope You're Listening.

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