Free Coaching Teleclass from Six Figure Start July 10, 2009

by SixFigureStart | July 06, 2009

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It's not Friday, but it is free and it's a new style of career coaching tool that I've never heard of, so you'd probably be wise to check out SixFigureStart's free coaching call series. The sessions will be offered this Friday, July 10, and are being called "teleclasses." You reserve a space, receive some instructions, and next thing you know you've got access via phone to vital career coaching information on topics like getting the second interview, nailing the 'Weakness' question, interview pet peeves shared by recruiters, and all sorts of other questions submitted by YOU.

SixFigureStart was founded by Connie Thanasoulis and Caroline Ceniza-Levine, who, in addition to being career coaches, Gen-Y experts, speakers and writers, are part of the Vault family of contributors. Check out their web site for all the info you need on their exciting new classes, and let them help put you back to work (and of course be sure to check out SixFigureStart among Vault's many fabulous blogs).

--Posted by Steven Schiff, Asst. Producer

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