Avoiding Bank Fees: The App Solution

by SixFigureStart | October 16, 2009

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When money is tight, small expenses add up fast. $3 fees for ATM withdrawals, $12 checking account service charges, and $30 penalties for bounced checks and overdrafts can put a real dent in anyone’s monthly budget. Unfortunately, this situation looks like it’s only getting worse now that recession-weary banks across the country have begun upping their service charges to levels never been seen before. According to a new survey by Bankrate.com, ATM fees are up 16 percent since 2004, bringing the average cost of a non-network ATM withdrawal (i.e. using an ATM at a bank other than your own) to $3.54.

By going digital and putting your iPhone to work, you can avoid irritating fees and organize your finances at the same time. After all, if you’re paying a hefty bill for that cell phone plan every month then you might as well use it. [Read more]

--Posted by Stephanie Miles, RecessionWire.com

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