Are You Humbled By Your Job Loss?

by SixFigureStart | November 23, 2009

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That may sound like an odd and perhaps offensive question to ask now, of all times, when you’re plagued with unpaid bills, holiday presents to buy—and no money to pay for any of it.

But we serve ourselves and others well, despite all the woe, to examine the subject of humility. It’s quite natural to be ho hum and carefree—oblivious to chaos—when we’re one of the “elite” to hold a job, especially one with a high-level professional title and mucho buckaroos. Untouched and unscathed by the saturated news reports of millions of people out of work, we go about our business while others turn down the heat in their apartment that does not include utilities in the rent and depend on friends for dinner invitations. [Read More]

--By The Job Goddess Who Won’t Rest Till Everyone Is Put To Work! The 405 Club

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