CEO Tweets of the Week: Gross, Musk, Holmes, and Weiner

by Derek Loosvelt | March 21, 2014

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Unfortunately I couldn't find any CEO tweets about Mercer University's upset of Duke University in the first round of the NCAA Men's College Basketball Tournament. However, I did find one shining moment involving a Stanford physicist, as well as a rather professional-looking commercial from two amateur filmmakers who recently graduated from the University of Southern California (the Trojan women face St. John's in the first round of the NCAA Women's tournament on Saturday), and both the moment and the commercial play into the latest CEO Tweets of the Week.

 1. A little board diversity, anyone?


2. If, while watching a Super Bowl commercial, you've ever thought, 'I could do a lot better than this piece of c*&%,' then you will certainly appreciate the below video. Because the two guys behind it did just that. And they did it for less than $1,500.


3. Agreed, Mr. Levie. And the other bad news is we are all going to look like morons talking to our wrists all day.


4. It's too bad Ed McMahon is no longer with us. It would've been great to see Mr. Sweepstakes deliver the great news to this groundbreaking physicist.


5. Who knew death could inspire such a thoughtful post on work/life balance?


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