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by | March 10, 2009

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Having the right image will give your company increased value in the eyes of your customers. Every experience your customer has with any aspect of your business will affect your image. The design of the logo, the name of your company and even the way you answer the phone will shape the way customers view your business.

The name of your business should be succinct and make a lasting impression. Any sort of slogan or description of your business should be brief and appealing to your target audience. Get professional business cards that give people a number of ways to get in touch with you (phone number, fax number, e-mail, beeper, and web address). Give your employees titles that reward them with feelings of importance; they'll be more invested in the company and will project an enthusiastic image. Participate in community service programs to project a sense of caring.

Even though your business may be small, there are ways to create an image that is literally larger than life. Shine a spotlight on any partnerships or joint ventures your business has with identifiable companies in the marketplace. If you are working with people in different locations, show that you have a presence in different regions, thus making your company appear more substantial. Produce a Web site for your company that explains your business and offers your customers the option of purchasing your product or service online - media and technology have the ability to transmute a small-time operation into a something much larger in the eyes of the viewer. Print hats, coffee cups, and T-shirts to give to both employees and customers. Although your business may be small, a larger-than-life image can help it grow to the next level.

  • What do you want the image of your business to be?
  • What image will your target market most readily identify with?
  • What will be the reason consumers choose your product or service over others in the marketplace?
  • How can you project and improve the image of your business?

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