What’s the Buzz on This Year’s Top Ten Law Firms?

by Vault Law Editors | May 08, 2012

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It’s almost that time of year again—next month, Vault will release its rankings for the Top 100 law firms of 2013.

Each year, we ask our respondents to share their opinions about firms other than their own; we call this “the Buzz.” In our firm profiles, we select quotes which are both fair (i.e., representative of the most common respondent opinions) and balanced (usually, this means two positive and two negative quotes). 

For your amusement, here’s a look at some of the current Buzz on this year’s top ten firms for prestige—with no regard to being fair or balanced. See if you can guess the firms by taking a look at what other associates have to say about them (comments are listed in no particular order).

“Let’s put 25 associates on this deal.”

“Why do so many law students like this firm?”

“The Death Star”

“They eat their young”

“Where young associates’ dreams go to die”

“Hard partiers”

“If they are opposing counsel, pray for death”

“Country club members who started a law firm”

“Yada yada, something something, white shoes.”

“Yesterday’s news”

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