What it takes to break into a VC firm

by | April 01, 2009

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Taken from Vault.com's Venture Capital Message Boards: I'm a MD and en route to completing a JD with a specialty in intellectual property and health care law and policy. What opportunities exist for this background, especially in biotechnology VC? I am interested in getting in the door.

Dave: It is clearly the best time to be an entrepreneur and a venture capitalists. Due to the growth of the venture capital industry, it appears that everyone wants to be a venture capitalists, and why not? The recent returns made by some of the most successful venture funds are astronomical.

Although having a degree in a specific industry is important, most venture capital firms prefer to hire professionals with operating experiences within a particular industry. Due to the influx of cash in today's venture capital industry, cash itself has become almost a commodity when it comes to picking a venture firm as a financing partner. Today, the most successful venture firms understand that money alone cannot be their only value proposition. Venture firms must help their portfolio companies in variety of ways: recruiting management, extending its reach in their market space, and raising additional capital. To do these things, venture firms must have the professionals that have operational experience. Multiple degrees, although important is not necessarily a requirement for a venture capital position.

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