Top 10 Tech Startups to Work For in NYC

by Derek Loosvelt | September 25, 2014

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Top 10 Tech Startups to Work For in NYC

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Last week, when Alibaba went public in the largest IPO in history, thousands of current and former employees of the Chinese e-commerce company became millionaires. And already, much of this new wealth has been sunk into new tech ventures, as hundreds of entrepreneurs hope to become the next Jack Ma—the former English teacher who founded Alibaba fifteen years ago in his tiny Hanzhou apartment.

What's currently happening in China due to Ma's vision has of course been happening here for years. In the wake of large IPOs by the likes of Google, Facebook, and Twitter, numerous tech ventures have been founded by these firms' alumni. And many of these startups aren't based in Silicon Valley but right here in Silicon Alley.

To that end, click through for the top 10 tech startups to work for in New York City. (Note: The rankings are based on users' acceptance rates of interview requests from startups, as well as users' ratings of startups after their first-round interviews with them. Also note: If you're interested in working for any of these firms, or for one of 350 other startups, be sure to sign up with Hired.)

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