The Art of Career Soul Searching

by | March 10, 2009

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The art of job hunting is more than landing just another position or making another move. One should treat the job searching process like creating a business model. Careful research, brainstorming and mapping out a strategy should be a few essential elements of the process. Switching jobs may be a means to an end at a dead-end job, uncomfortable environment or mismatch of personalities and culture. Without following a thorough soul searching process, an individual may find himself or herself perpetually job-hopping since the underlying issues are not being addressed. You must strive to love what you do and define your own success.

Mapping out your strategy is key to a successful job search. You are not just looking for another job, but trying to pave a career path. First, you must be honest to yourself and list all your strengths, weaknesses, academic background, professional experience, likes and dislikes on a piece of paper. Keeping a journal is important as you change; your career choices may or may not change so it's helpful to look back on your initial goals to determine your current status. Next, you should determine the industry you are interested in working in, then financial requirements may be added to the equation. If the salary compensation does not live up to your financial needs then you will need to live on a tighter budget and make the necessary changes to lifestyle. As a means to an end, you will find employees working at high stress positions they do not enjoy but are being financially rewarded. You must decide what you are willing to exchange for your career choice and goals. It's a personal decision.

Once you have established the industry and the career role you are interested in, you should begin researching the two. Conducting informative interviews, attending job career expos, talking with alumni association, industry associations, visiting company web sites, reading trade magazines and marketing oneself in a professional manner at all the events is important. Advanced or specialized education may be necessary in attaining a career choice. It will then be necessary to research schools, degrees, certifications and financial issues. Keep notes on your learning experience and collect business contacts with phone numbers and email addresses, which will assist in developing a resourceful directory and networking association. In addition to your own business network, you can compliment the job search by contacting a headhunter or putting your resume on the many job boards. A career coach may assist you in the brainstorming and researching to help you achieve and reach your goals.

Strength, drive, ambition and courage are qualities needed to reach your career goals. If challenges and roadblocks derail your career path for awhile, stay focused and come back to your inner strength. Review your journal and start the process over again with gained knowledge and experience. To realize your career dream, you must be ignited by passion and understanding of yourself.

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