Summer Outing Roundup

by Vault Careers | March 31, 2009

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Now that the job market is red-hot, companies are trying to ensure summer experiences are as enticing as possible for summer interns. Here's a sampling of some interesting summer perks and events:

MBA interns at one major financial services firm say that the company "went overboard" in trying to make summer associates happy. Perhaps literally - one of the perks is a day off (during the workweek) to go sailing as a "team building exercise." One intern said that the summer employees were "treated like princes" but that it "got a little excessive."

Would you like a trip to the zoo? A major firm has an "in" at New York's Bronx Zoo and takes summer associates there for a sort of grown-up field trip, to romp amidst the gorillas and the cheetahs and the bats at "World of Darkness."

One company features a day at a country club every summer. Those who are more actively inclined can show up on one of the earliest buses in order to play 36 holes of golf at the bucolic resort. Other sports on offer include tennis, softball, and even horseshoes. But those who are a bit lazier can take advantage of the many lounge chairs by the pool side lounge chair to sip a gin and tonic (or for that matter, many gin and tonics.) There's a reason why summer interns are brought in by bus! "No one is required to go," say summer interns, but who could pass it up?

Summer interns at one communications company enjoy down-home Midwestern perks. "The company works extra hard to make interns feel part of the family," says one intern, who enjoys the events put on by the firm, including "baseball games, barbecues, and a musical."

More than one firm features a bucolic weekend retreat for summer associates. While some, like Bain, try to sneak in actual classwork, others, like companies offer weekends in the country for the sole purpose of inducing happy bonding among potential future hires.

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