Questions To Ask Before You Select A Career Site

by | March 10, 2009

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Each recruitment web site establishes its own quality standards and work specifications. Here are some questions to ask that will help you select which web sites best suit your needs. You may find it convenient to print this page and use it during your discussions.


1. How current are your job listings? How long do you keep listings in your database? How do you handle expiration dates?

All job postings should be current. You should be allowed to edit and delete jobs at will and set expiration dates so jobs will automatically expire. Put yourself in the job seekers shoes--would you want to be applying for jobs that had already been filled?


2. What and how much information can I include in the job listings?

You should be able to include any contact information that you desire such as company name, contact name, address, phone and fax numbers, and email. It is also a good idea to list job number, salary, relocation options, job location and a detailed job description.


3. How do you obtain job listings? Does your jobs database contain free listings from newsgroups and Usenet?

Job listings should come from one source only - customers. If sites collect free listings from newsgroups and Usenet there is no way to determine the quality of these jobs and the millions of qualified job seekers who regularly search the internet for jobs recognize and mark sites that do not list top-quality listings therefore they don't search these sites.


4. If yes, how do you maintain quality control of these listings?

Be skeptical if you actually get an answer because most sites do not do this.


5. How current are your resumes? How long do you keep them in your database?

Resumes in a database should be current within 90 days. This way you know the candidates are actively searching for a new job and the time you spend sourcing is time well spent.


6. How do you obtain resumes? Does your resume database contain resumes from newsgroups and Usenet?

It is important to choose a resume database that receives resumes directly from candidates. Sites that lift resumes from newsgroups can't guarantee the quality of resumes.


7. If yes, how do you maintain quality control of these resumes?

There is no way to maintain the quality of resumes taken from other sources.


8. Do you have an online response system? What does it cost? Will it integrate with my HRIS or email system?

An online response system should be free for all job seekers and customers. Receiving resumes via online response systems should be part of a site's basic service. Additionally, sites should be able to integrate the responses into Resumix (email, fax or ResLink), Restrac, or other HRIS or custom system.


9. Do you offer automated job listing entry? What does it cost? Will it integrate with my HRIS or email system? How long does it take?

Job sites should offer you several ways to post jobs. These methods should include and online job entry form, email, fax, mail, email template or database import. You should beware of sites that mandate one method of posting jobs. A site should allow you to use the method that is easiest for you and integrates with your current procedures.


10. Besides job listings, what other HR-related content do you have?

A well rounded job site should include content that will interest job seekers and maintain their loyalty to a site. Choose a site that offers more than just job postings to job seekers.


11. Do you have employer profiles? Are they custom-made for each company or are they cookie-cutter, standard-issue? How long does it take? What are the limitations?

To get the most out of Internet recruiting it is important to maximize your visibility. Choose a career site that offers employer profiles as part of a membership or as a nominal additional charge. Additionally, choose a career site that has you best interest in mind and does not use standard templates or formats. Profile pages should be ready 1-2 days after all the materials are received. Make sure your profile loads quickly and provide essential information to job seekers are most successful. Other than that, there are no limitations. You also want to make sure you can link to your corporate web site from this profile.


12. Do you provide online, real-time activity reports with page views and responses?

It should be part of your weekly routine to check and see how well your job postings are doing on the Internet and the quickest and easiest way to do this is through reports that job sites provide. You want to choose a job site that will provide 24 hour access to these reports and provide the reports in an easy to understand format.


13. Do you provide printed activity reports at the end of each month?

The job site you choose should be able to do this, even if you arent interested in the report.


14. Do you perform all work in-house? What work is subcontracted?

It is best when all programming, job entry, web server hosting, web mastering, site maintenance, graphics, employer profiles and customer service are performed in-house and no work is subcontracted. This means that your data is 100% secure and the job site you choose can respond quickly to your special requirements.


15. What kind of service can I expect after the contract is signed?

The best! You should have a designated Account executive or manager assigned to your account.

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